Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Walking Wounded

So yeah, my valiant return to blogging was short lived, lol. I HAVE LEGIT REASONS, THOUGH! Let me explain...

About two-ish weeks ago, I had to rush Eric to the emergency room since he was in some serious pain. The last time I saw him feeling that wrecked was when he jacked his back up so bad that he had to have surgery done on one of his discs.Yeah, sucky. This time, it turned out that his kidneys are basically little bean bags full of kidney stones, so, he's been battling with those for the last two weeks. Luckily, he's already passed one of them (the same night we got back home) and I was pretty surprised how hard those little boogers are. No, I didn't touch it with my fingers...tweezers all the way, mang.

I shit you not, the next day... I was in the midst of making home made beet chips and sliced the top of my finger off. I mean, it was a pretty impressive cut. Didn't hurt at first, and then the shock wore off and I wanted to die. Eric made it home right when it happened, so he helped piece me back together and stop the bleeding since I was in the verge of passing out. If you know me, you know I'm not a wussy when it comes to pain. About a day or so later & banging my finger on multiple things, Eric convinced me to put liquid stitches on it. 
I've had my fair share of injuries over the years, but I rather have my arm broken all over again than to ever use liquid stitches again. The pain was excruciating to the point where I wanted to throw up. I was shaking uncontrollably, teeth chattering and sobbing as if the world was ending. It basically felt like someone put acid on me and it was slowly making its way through the nerves in my hand and up my arm. It took a good hour for the pain to subside. Well, it stopped because I went to sleep. Yay for percocet!

And then there's this week. Ugh. I basically woke up with an inflammation of a vein (think along the lines of the diameter of a pencil) in my groin area. Sounds lovely, right? Nahhhh. I've been doing everything within my power over the last few days to make it go away since, hello, it's a little embarrassing, but the pain finally made me "tap out" and Eric took me to the ER. By gawd, I will suffer as much as I have to so I don't have to go deal with doctors, but this made me throw up the white flag and get carted off for yet more poking and prodding. The staff at the hospital were awesome, figured out what it was and now I'm on pain meds again (wheee!!), a slew of antibiotics and basically told to lay low for a while. Me? Lay low? That's gonna be interesting considering I'm ALWAYS on the go now. Then again, when your groin area feels like broken glass is being drug from your hip bone to your crotch, you wouldn't be too amp'd to do anything either. 

Injuries,working a ton, and more's definitely been a little challenge in terms of being able to acquire Eric's laptop & find time for me to bust out some posts. I'm just incredibly grateful that my job allows me to work from home and while I'm on the go. When I got back home & gave my colleague the run down as to what happened to me, he's basically grounded me from doing any work related stuff this weekend since I need to not do diddly-squat.