Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 15

Aye aye aye..week 15! Time feels like it's flying by!

I did my weigh in this morning and I'm down only 2 ounces since my last weigh in. As much as I wanna say ,"That totally sucks" since I busted my ass all week long....I'm also taking into consideration that I'm gaining muscle. So, I'm not kicking myself for not losing more.

When I first started back in March, my Body Fat percentage was about 53%...!!! That's a little daunting to think that over half of my body is pure jiggly fat. Now it's at 46.6%..not too shabby. My thighs and legs are really starting to tone up..Eric even commented on 'em when he was helping me stretch out my hamstrings this morning, lol. Now if my mid-section would co-operate and start to slim down, that'd be fabulous!  

Remember when I said I ordered a kettlebell? Well..the merchant I ordered it from on Amazon fell through and ended up cancelling my order. LOL. Thanks for that! So, I ended up searching all over again for another one since it seems like no one over here sell's em.  After reading various reviews and checking multiple sites, I wound up getting an adjustable kettle bell by Jillian Michaels for a VERY reasonable price ( I saved $39!!):

 It adjusts up to 20lbs (without any weights, it weighs 3lbs) that'll give me the option to add more weight as time goes on. The DVD's I ordered already showed up, so I've been working out with my Gaiam 8lb ball in the mean time:

Jillians DVD " "Shred it with weights" is no joke. It kicks my ass! Luckily, it comes with two different sessions..level 1 and level 2. Needless to say, I'll be on level 1 for a while, atleast till I can do a Turkish Get Up correctly and without struggling, lol

In other news, I've officially hit 100 miles!! Lots of walking and elliptical work!! 

walking apps

My handy dandy DailyMile widget tells me I've burned 32 donuts (or 12 hamburgers) since I started tracking my distance since March. For my peeps that are still in California, 100 miles would be like going from Salinas (south side near Blanco & Davis) to Paso Robles (whoa!)..or for my local peeps in  Belgium, that'd be like me walking from Peer to Bastogne. Woot!

I think that deserves a nice tall glass of water!

On that note, I'm off to enjoy the remainder of my Saturday!


Van Hoesen Family said...

The belly is ALWAYS the last to cooperate. Im conviced im going to look somewhat still pregnant forever! And holy cow is that girl buff! No way id be able to do what she just did!